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A luminous woman cultivates a core of peace and self awareness. She rests confidently in her own original essence and therefore she can genuinely appreciate the gifts and beauty of others without the sense that they diminish her in some way. She does not live life comparing herself to others and thereby avoids the pitfalls of competition and envy. Because her sense of worth is not dependant on the positive feedback of others,she knows her needs and wants and has her own opinions and positions on life. She can take a stand for her own truth regardless of whether others understand, agree with, or approve of her. A luminous woman has archetypal fluency, able to inhabit, speak, and act from many places in the psyche. She is not trapped by narrow definitions of herself. Her depths inform her that she is much more than her titles, social standing, appearance, talents, roles or history. She does not shrink from life and the challenges that life brings. She embraces her destiny as it unfolds. She is the Queen of Miss Lumiere International World.

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If you are 5ft 8in and above women and think you have what it takes to be a model send us headshot and full length shot along with your age, contact details, height, bust, waist and hip measurements.

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